David and Ken are serial entrepreneurs who own and operate multiple 6 and 7 figure E-Commerce businesses.

Follow along for the ride, join our tribe and create your own financial independence!


David Schomer

My name is David Schomer and I am obsessed with being an entrepreneur!  I grew up in Iowa on small acreage where my four brothers and I had a small sweet corn and pumpkin roadside stand along a state highway.  We grew that operation into a sizable enterprise and I have been hooked on building businesses ever since. 

I attended St. Louis University and earned my undergraduate degree, double majoring in Accounting and Finance.  I went on to earn a Master’s degree from St. Louis University in Accounting.  Following graduation, I went to work for a business-consulting firm in St. Louis.  In that role, I provided merger and acquisition due diligence services to clients in a variety of industries as part of the firm’s Private Equity Services Group. I also specialized in fraud and forensic investigations with experience in cases involving the Securities and Exchange Commission and U.S. Department of Justice. My consulting experience includes Ponzi scheme investigations, lost profits analysis, financial forecasting, misappropriation of assets and/or intellectual property, patent infringement, valuation of businesses and business interests, and process improvement.

But, as I said earlier…I’m an entrepreneur at heart and have the curse. If you are always thinking of creative ideas in business, you know what I mean. So, fast-forward to March 2017, I was listening to a podcast about selling physical products online, specifically, through Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).  I started to hear more about Amazon FBA selling and how some people were making good money using FBA and private labeling to sell physical products. I had a 2 hour, 20 minute round-trip commute into the office, so I started devouring content during my drive.  I launched my first private label product in July 2017 and currently have just over 300 SKUs for sale on Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Groupon, Walmart, and EBay.   

Why I Decided To Start a Podcast

Since I first discovered podcasts, I was hooked.  For some reason, it took over 20 years for me to realize that I am a verbal learner and do my best learning through listening.  As a result, I listen to several hours of podcasts each day and can usually be found with my headphones on – injecting knowledge straight into my dome. 

I met Ken Wilson at the St. Louis E-Commerce Meetup and realized that we had a ton of common interests.  My wife was tired of listening to me ramble on about new online marketing strategies, conversion metrics, and everything else I implement into my private label business.  Finally, I had a friend who enjoyed these conversations as much as I did!  We met frequently for drinks over the next few months, discussing what was working in our business, areas of struggle, and helped each other grow and scale.   

There is a saying:   “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”


Ken Wilson

Ken is most definitely a member of my tribe as he is a next level e-commerce wizard, avid podcast listener, devoted family man, and is always trying to improve his business and life.  Needless to say, we get along great and have learned a lot from each other.  So when Ken asked if I wanted to start a podcast with him, it was a no-brainer.  Of course!

Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to read my Bio.  My name is Ken Wilson and I am a Founding Member and Co-Host of Firing The Man Podcast.   I was bitten by the serial entrepreneur bug in 2017 and have not looked back since.  I am currently building multiple e-commerce businesses as well as looking to acquire businesses to add to my portfolio.  Being an entrepreneur is a true passion of mine and I really enjoy the process and strategy of the journey.

Early Life

I grew up in a small town in rural Missouri and have 8 siblings.  My father supported our family working as a technician in a factory for 40 years!  My mother was a stay at home mom, raising 9 children while trying to stay somewhat sane (she still is).  It is often debated who worked harder?  As a young boy I had several small flashes of entrepreneurship: picking potatoes, selling girl scout cookies (don’t hate), and a roadside peach stand.  During my youth I enjoyed being challenged and played many team sports; baseball, soccer, and basketball.  I did not start my own company until much later in life, why?    I lacked confidence and direction; both of which are crucial for success.  One of my goals on the podcast will be to share with others how to build the confidence and surround yourself with like-minded people who support you.


My professional background has been in the IT industry for the last 15 years.  My undergraduate degree is in Information Systems Security and Masters focus was Cyber Security.  During the dot-com bust in 2001 I lost my corporate job so I decided to join the military and travel the world. While serving in the U.S Army I learned a trade, many life lessons and met some great friends along the way.  I was fortunate enough to be able to test those skills during the invasion of Operation Iraqi Freedom while serving in combat for a year.  After leaving the military I worked for the U.S. Department Of Defense for 7 years and then transitioned to a Corporate IT job.  I have traveled to 13 countries, held more than 23 jobs to date and utilize the combined life experiences to my advantage while building businesses.


Why did I want to start a podcast?  This is purely a selfish answer: I truly enjoy helping others.  Early on in my e-commerce journey I purchased multiple courses and watched 100’s of hours of YouTube videos to extract very little valuable information.  It took me a while to find great resources and strong mentors which ultimately would fuel the growth I needed for my business.  There is a saying: “If you want to get somewhere, find someone who has been there and ask them how they did it”.  I have had a lot of great mentors and the podcast serves as a platform for me to “pay it forward” to our listeners.  

Podcast Co-Host

Most of my family and friends look glossy eyed when I talk about e-commerce.  So, I went on a mission to find like-minded people and stumbled on a local MeetUp created and hosted by David Schomer.  Within 5 minutes of meeting David I knew he was extremely sharp, dedicated, and self-motivated.  As we began to share our stories and experiences, I noticed simultaneous growth in my business.  At the MeetUps David and I would spend 30-45 minutes answering questions from other members which I truly enjoyed. Then I asked myself the question – why not create a podcast to reach as many people as possible that have the same questions.  David and I can sit and chat about e-commerce, building businesses, growth strategies, and just about anything else for hours without skipping a beat. 

I am very excited to have partnered with David and together we have created Firing The Man podcast bringing you our combined experiences, passion for business, and maybe a joke or two along the way.  This is truly a passion project for me and if you read this far you are already a member of our tribe!

If you have suggestions for upcoming shows or would like to be a guest on our show, please send us a quick message by clicking on the record now button below or send us an EMAIL.