How to Break Through Mental Barriers and Increase Revenue with Expert Blaine Oelkers

Episode 135

Mastering a habit takes a lot of self-discipline and focus. But it is in mastering your habits that you could achieve success.

In this episode, Blaine Oelkers shares what it takes to truly develop a habit without falling back to your usual routine and procrastinating. We can learn from his experience as someone who’s been working from home for 27 years, how he’s able to push himself forward and kept himself motivated regardless of how he’s feeling physically or emotionally.

Blaine is the founder of Selfluence & WYTAYBA (What You Think About You Bring About). Blaine has a degree from Purdue University & Stanford’s Executive program in Entrepreneurship and has been featured as a TEDx speaker. Blaine fired the man over 27 years ago and has been running his own business ever since.

[00:01 – 07:03] Opening Segment 

  • Welcoming Blaine to the show
  • The two reasons why Blaine fired the man
  • How focus is a key to success

[07:04 – 24:54] Master Yourself, Master Your Life

  • The What You Think About You Bring About (WYTAYBA) mindset
  • What is Guilt Free Hours and how it could bring more meaning to your life
  • Discover when people are normally more productive
  • The PDF Method (Plan. Delegate. Focus)
  • Single-tasking versus multi-tasking versus batch tasking: Which is suitable to complete your tasks?
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[24:55 – 36:24] Stay Productive Even When No One is Watching

  • Let’s recap the strategies shared by Blaine
  • Blaine’s productivity tips after working from home for 27 years
  • How to keep yourself disciplined during work from home
  • What he learned from the last pages of Think and Grow Rich


[27:01 – 35:34] Closing Segment 

  • Build a habit through habit-linking
  • The Fire Round
  • Connect with Blaine on the links below!




“Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. – Blaine Oelkers


“You want to maximize those freedoms [working from home], but at the same time, you got to put in some controls and some self-discipline to make sure that it’s productive.” – Blaine Oelkers


“When you want to start a new habit, what you do is link it to an existing habit. And then serve some kind of urge.” – Blaine Oelkers



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Resources Mentioned


Earl Nightingale

Pareto Principle


Think and Grow Rich


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