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Episode 77 Joe Valley fired the man 24 years ago and never looked back ever since. He wrote “The EXITpreneur’s Playbook” to guide entrepreneurs in exiting their businesses the right way, specifically sharing tactical steps and mindset shifts that
Episode 76 Many e-commerce business owners are having a hard time overcoming the current Amazon inventory restrictions. That’s why in this episode David and I will be talking about the strategies we’re implementing. But that’s not really it. We
Episode 73 Ben Leonard built a 7-figure business from his laptop…only to sell it after 3 years. You may be surprised and curious as to why Ben did it, but for him, it was the right thing to do.
Episode 72 Have you heard about dropshipping? This business model looks attractive as a passive income stream because you don’t need an inventory to start selling products. You only need a platform to accept orders and forward them to
Episode 71 Are you planning to sell at Walmart? Then, don’t miss this episode. Ken will share his experiences so far in selling in Walmart. We will talk about the things we like about it, including how easy the
Episode 70 In today’s episode, David will share his failed business experience and the lessons he learned from it. He realized later on, which you should realize as early as now, that just because you can do something doesn’t
Episode 69 In today’s episode, we talk with Don Henig, Co-Founder of AccrueMe, LLC. AccrueMe is providing growth capital for Amazon sellers with 0% interest and no payment requirements. You don’t even need to let go parts of the
Episode 68 In today’s episode, we are going to talk about the top 5 articles in the eCommerce industry in the first quarter of 2021. We have talked about Amazon and where it will go upon the departure of

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