How to Use Crowd Funding to Purchase Inventory with Vance Lee

Does your lack of funds get in the way of launching a successful business?

In this episode, Vance Lee talks about crowdfunding, its advantages, and disadvantages that could help you assess if this is right for you.

Vance co-founded the Playground Theory that helps eCom entrepreneurs grow and transform their brands. Since starting Amazon FBA in 2015, he’s mastered crowdfunding and the pre-order launch strategy to launch products and grow brands. He’s raised over $7M in successful launches and broke records with 2 of his launches–both #1 Most Funded in their niches and ranking in the top 1% of crowdfunding projects of all time.

Originally from Canada, now he’s a full-time nomad traveling and living in different countries around the world.

[00:01 – 09:21] Opening Segment

  • Vance talks about his e-commerce journey
  • The launch of Kickstarter
  • Vance shares the story of his failed product launches

[09:22 – 17:39] Guide to Successful Crowdfunding

  • What is Crowdfunding
  • How can Kickstarters help with your funding
  • Want some Amazon refunds? Check out GETIDA
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  • What happens when your Amazon Ad Campaign goals are not met?

[17:40 – 27:00] Grow and Scale with Ease

  • How to determine a market fit for a product
  • Reasons to use crowdfunding
  • Want to try Kickstarter? Here are the things you need to prepare to get funded

[27:01 – 35:34] Closing Segment

  • Vance talks about Playground Theory
  • What crowdfunding is not
  • The Fire Round


“If I were to be super stubborn about my ideas of how I thought this is going to work, to be able to screen and scale this brand, I probably wouldn’t be able to have all these interesting ways to explore if it’s going to be more effective, or maybe equally effective, whatever it might be. Just being open-minded to challenging what you know, is going to be super important.” – Vance Lee

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