How to Increase Revenue by Doing Less with Expert Coach David Wood

Do you want to learn how to double your income? If yes, then try focusing on less.

In this episode, David Wood, the founder at Focus.CEO, will be discussing how to focus on what’s important and avoid getting distracted by shiny objects. David built the world’s largest coaching business, becoming #1 on Google for “life coaching”. David coaches rock-star business owners to double their revenue and achieve more in less time. We’ll also talk about how to develop a system for healthy relationships and how to stay persistent in the face of obstacles.

Listen to David and start earning more!

[00:00 – 10:59] Opening Segment

  • We introduce David Wood to the show
  • Relying on ourselves to succeed
  • Shiny object syndrome
  • Being disciplined to achieve our goals.

[11:00 – 21:15] Having a Personal System as an Entrepreneur

  • David talks about how successful people utilize systems
  • Entrepreneurs should say no more often than yes
  • Having a clear understanding of your target
  • How having a system also benefits our health
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[21:15 – 30:48] Keeping Focus 

  • How having a healthy eating habit affects performance
  • Focusing on less important tasks can help you move faster
  • David shares his approach to coaching
  • Focusing on a specific goal for a given period of time

[30:48 – 40:38] Closing Segment

  • Know more about David in the Fire Round!
  • Connect with David with the links below
  • Final words

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“You can’t be top of the food chain if you’re trying to serve different target markets and be good at different traffic sources and have four different funnels.” – David Wood

“You still may fall off the horse, and not get what you said will be done in 25 minutes. But give yourself a fighting chance to actually focus and do what you said matters most.” – David Wood