Finding Balance and Mindfulness in Life and Business with Jarrod Reichelt

Jarrod Reichelt is a purpose coach who uses empathy, cognitive restructuring, and journaling to help individuals balance their priorities and achieve their goals. He has a Masters of Psychology and he has worked with individuals struggling with anxiety, stress, and depression for many years. Jarrod believes that it is important to identify what is most important to you and to develop systems that help you track your progress. He also believes in having the passion and drive to see your goals through.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 05:06] Opening Segment

  • Wanting to be a police officer to eventually becoming a therapist

[05:06 – 15:04] Fear and Other Thoughts

  • Humans are pleasure seeking and pain avoiding beings
  • Changing how we relate and respond to our thoughts.
  • Creating a list of the values that are most meaningful and important to you

[15:04 – 27:10] The Brain is a Muscle

  • Separating thoughts from your feelings
  • make better decisions based on those thoughts
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Practicing with mindfulness
  • The dopamine addiction caused by smartphones

[27:10 – 38:22] Getting Back On Track

  • Tips for getting out of the rut
  • Balancing work and family life
  • Identifying their values and committing to working towards those values

[38:22 – 43:23] Closing Segment

  • Know more abour Jerrod in the Fire Round!
  • Connect with Jerrod with the links below
  • Final words


“And so the biggest thing that I try and do is really kind of take a step back and understand, okay, what’s going on with my fear right now? And so oftentimes it’s just something petty that I’m afraid of, like I’m not going to make enough money or I’m not good enough. And then I start to Label that emotion. Like this is fear, this is anger, this is sadness, and then I can start to work on releasing that emotion. So it’s not just like pushing it away, it’s actually releasing it.” – Jarrod Reichelt

“When you’re making the decision to neglect the values, then you’re also then adversely affecting your wellness, your health, your mood, your happiness. And so there’s all those things to consider and to contemplate when trying to find that balance is if I go too strong in one way, then I’m going to be missing out on the other.” – Jarrod Reichelt

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