Top Systems and Leadership Principals Explained with Ex-Amazon Executive John Rossman

The culture at Amazon is one of empowerment and ownership. Employees are encouraged to take charge of their careers and work to make a difference in the company. This focus on empowerment has helped the company grow and remain successful for over twenty years. And today, Ex-Amazon Executive John Rossman is going to share with us the culture of success at Amazon.

Business Advisor, Author, and Keynote Speaker John Rossman is the author of The Amazon Way book series which is based on his experiences serving as the Director of Enterprise Services while employed at After leaving Amazon, John founded Rossman Partners which helps businesses grow and scale in most industry verticals on digital strategy, operations and culture. Let’s jump right in and learn why customer obsession is the top leadership principle that allowed Amazon to focus on systemic problems and create a supportive and collaborative environment.

[00:00 – 06:55] Opening Segment

  • We introduce John to the show
  • John’s book, “The Amazon Way”
    • John stresses the importance of understanding what people really see

[06:56 – 21:44] Amazon Through the Years

  • John shares some background about the formative years of Amazon
  • Focusing on building a marketplace that could support tens of thousands of sellers
  • Putting the customer first and has a friendly culture to its employees
  • Focusing on results rather than individual input
  • John talks about the 14th leadership principle at Amazon
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[21:45 – 32:37] The Amazon Way

  • Seeing both sides of the coin
  • Recognizing that you can’t fix everything
  • Differentiation as a key to succeed
  • John talks about how the platforms at Amazon are optimal in the digital era

[32:38 – 34:55] Closing Segment

Successful ecommerce entrepreneurs are typically very passionate about their businesses, have a great product and are able to create a unique customer experience. They also have a strong understanding of how to grow and scale their businesses.

[34:55 – 37:00]

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  • Final words


“You can’t just have customer obsession and run a great business.” – John Rossman


“like the product details, the cost details, the availability details, the advertising details that you have to be super clever at really understanding, like the nuances and the little winning details that are going to matter.” – John Rossman


“In small companies, especially in this marketplace ecosystem space, I think the two things that I look for are a kind of a theory of differentiation. Like what is it going to be? How do you compete? What’s your theory or what’s your strategy for how you’re going to be different and compete.” – John Rossman


“The successful ecommerce entrepreneurs are those who are able to balance their work with their personal lives in a way that allows them to be successful. They also have a clear vision for their business and are able to execute on that vision.” – John Rossman



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