What Should Amazon Sellers Focus on To Increase Profits With Mike Jackness Part 2

In part 2, we meet again with Mike Jackness , Mike has been in the e-commerce space for over a decade and has a wealth of experience in e-commerce, marketing, search engine optimization, and much more. Mike currently owns and operates several businesses in the e-commerce space and has been a featured speaker and presenter for countless events over the past several years.

You might have also heard Mike on his own podcast, The Ecomcrew Ecommerce Podcast, where he and Dave Bryant have created a unique and transparent environment where they open the hood and share everything that’s working for them, and what’s not.

Listen to Mike and learn from an e-commerce superstar!

[00:01 – 09:52] Buying Inventory

  • What e-commerce sellers should know about storage fees
  • Mike was once against taking debt to buy inventory
    • What changed his mind?

[09:53 – 19:38] Risk Profiles of Entrepreneurs

  • Personal risk profiles also matter in e-commerce businesses
  • Is there a business that is worth the stress?
    • Listen to our conversation
  • The different kinds of entrepreneurs according to Mike

[19:39 – 27:07] Community-Building in E-Commerce

[27:08 – 33:11] Closing Segment

  • Know more about Mike in the Fire Round!
  • Connect with Mike!
    • Links below
  • Final words

Tweetable Quote/s:

“There will be dark days of entrepreneurship. That is guaranteed, and if you aren’t willing to stay the course and deal with it, then you probably just shouldn’t get started at all.” – Mike Jackness

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