Navigating Walmart’s E-Commerce Platform with Experienced Seller Miro Posavec

Episode 65

Let’s visit another marketplace in today’s episode with Miro Posavec. Miro is an experienced seller at Walmart, selling health and wellness products for the last few years now. He will help us navigate the Walmart platform online, talk about the value that it offers to both sellers and buyers, and share tips to successfully start our eCommerce business. 

Listen to Miro to better navigate Walmart’s eCommerce platform! 

[00:01 – 05:25] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Miro Posavec
  • Walmart vs. Amazon
    • Miro weighs in 

[05:26 – 12:59] Walmart Fulfillment Services 

  • How’s Miro’s 3PL experience at Walmart?
  • Choose Walmart Fulfillment Services!
    • Miro tells us why  
  • Want some Amazon refunds? Check out Getida
    • Promo code: FTM400

[13:00 – 23:23] Opportunities at Walmart 

  • The smart move that Walmart is doing right now
  • The opportunities at Walmart that you should know
  • Listen to Miro’s strategy to drive traffic to his store

[23:24- 35:48] Valuable Online Presence 

  • Miro shares his outlook about the future of Walmart 
  • The tremendous value Walmart offers that Amazon doesn’t 
  • Don’t miss Miro’s advice on starting your own business
    • Where to start? Amazon? Shopify? Walmart? 
    • Your no. 1 priority in starting an eCommerce business

[35:49 – 41:35] Closing Segment 

  • Get to know Miro more in the Fire Round!
  • Connect with Miro! Links below 
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

[Walmart is] building trust with the customer and that’s a good long-term strategy.” – Miro Posavec

“If you wanna be successful, you just have to be persistent.” – Miro Posavec

Resources Mentioned:

Email to reach out to Miro or connect with him on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.





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