45: Buy then Build with Author Walker Diebel

Episode 45

In this episode, we will be interviewing the best selling author of the book Buy Then Build, Walker Diebel. He is also a serial acquisition entrepreneur, M&A advisor, and a successful movie producer. Walker acquired seven companies over ten years and co-founded several startups.

Let’s dive right in and learn how to buy a business without having to have the money that it takes.

[00:01 – 06:00] Opening Segment

  • Walker shares the story about his background and the beginning of his career journey
  • Acquiring some of the largest companies in the world was achievable

[06:01 – 14:34] Buy Then Build

  • Walker talks about the inspiration behind the content of his book, Buy Then Build
  • Walker talks about the first company he bought in 2008 that gives him the idea to write his book

[15:30 – 25:59] Don’t Start a Business

  • Walker shares his opinion on why he does not recommend starting a business
  • Taking the odds of the startup model and just flip it over

[20:40 – 25:39] Ten Trillion Dollars Tsunami

  • Walker talks about the Ten Trillion Dollar Tsunami
  • There are ten trillion dollars of business value currently owned by baby boomers that need to change

[25:40 – 30:19] Growth Mindset Vs. Fix Mindset

  • Walker talks about Carol Dweck’s mindset traits study
  • Walker talks about Positive psychology

[30:20 – 37:15] Successful Acquisition

  • Walker talks about one of the most important pieces of the puzzle during the acquisition process
  • Finding capital to buy a company

[37:26 – 45:24] Closing Segment

  • Favorite book:
    • Good to Great by Jim Collins
    • The Innovation Stack by Jim McKelvey
  • Hobbies: Reading and writing, Road biking, Film producing
  • Successful e-commerce entrepreneurs vs. people who give up:
    • Get up early and set aside time to think.
    • Work hard.
  • How to Connect with Walker – links below

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Connect with Walker on Linkedin and Buy and Build Facebook Groups. You can also visit his website at buythenbuild.com.





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