55: 2020 Goals – A Year in Review

Episode 55

In this episode, we review our 2020 goals. If you are a new member of Firing the Man Nation, you might want to check out Episodes 6 and 25 where we set our goals and checked their progress. We discuss the lessons learned in accomplishing these goals, whether we were successful or not, and are able to come up with valuable insights that we will carry this new year, 2021.

Let’s dive right in and join us in Firing the Man!

[00:01 – 03:38] Opening Segment

  • We introduce our topic for today
  • Setting goals and declaring them were new to us

[03:39 – 10:49] Learning is Not Limited to Books

  • Ken and I have the same first goal for 2020
    • Connect with people and build our networks
    • Nothing can beat meeting people personally
    • Zoom fatigue is real
  • We have been more successful on our second goal
    • Ken doubled the size of his team to add value and lessen his workload
    • David has been allotting 2 hours per week to learn something new
    • Here’s a therapeutic activity from David you might want to try too!

[10:50 – 17:31] Solopreneurs Should Not Be Solo Forever

  • Ken has surpassed his 3rd goal of allotting 2 hours weekly to diversify off Amazon
    • He was able to diversify for more than 2 hours weekly
    • Ken’s tip is to build an “online real estate” first
  • David shares how he achieved his 3rd goal of crossing out 1 bottleneck monthly
    • Why the biggest bottleneck in his business is himself
    • You should not do everything

[17:32 – 27:21] Don’t Forget to Reward Yourself

  • Ken is happy to share his 100% top-line growth across e-commerce brands
    • Hear from Ken how he did it
  • Listen to David’s story about “firing the man!”
  • Ken was able to build his email list to 15,000 emails!
  • Don’t miss Ken’s tips about setting and accomplishing goals

[27:22 – 29:42] Closing Segment

  • Listen to David’s advice on “smelling the roses”
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“I think as solopreneurs…at some point, you have to transition away from having to do everything or feeling like you have to do everything.” – David Schomer

“[Life] is a journey of challenging yourself. Set a goal and see if you can hit it and learn along the way.” – Ken Wilson

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