75: Navigating Expensive Freight, Supply Chain Issues, and Amazon’s Inventory Restrictions with Burak Yolga

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Episode 75

Ken and I are happy to talk with Burak Yolga for the second time, where we talk about logistics, inventory, and supply for e-commerce businesses. Our interview with Burak is timely as shipping is so expensive right now. How then can e-commerce business owners ship to the US in the most efficient way possible? What can they learn from smart Amazon sellers? All these…and more in another episode of Firing the Man. 

Tune in now and learn from a logistics expert!

[00:01 – 05:14] Opening Segment
  • Let’s get to know Burak Yolga
  • Burak gives a “State of Freight”
[05:15 – 15:37] Shipping is Currently Expensive and Here’s Why 
  • Why is shipping so expensive right now?
  • What you can learn from smart Amazon sellers 
  • An advantage you’ll have if you ship in the US 
[15:38 – 30:44] Shipping to the US Efficiently 
  • Negotiate with your suppliers better with these tips from Burak
  • Want some Amazon refunds? Check out Getida
    • Promo code: FTM400
  • The most efficient way to ship to the US according to Burak 
[30:45 – 35:04] New Markets to Explore 
  • Best ways to ship from China to Europe 
  • Is the Middle East a good market right now? 
  • Know more about Burak in the Fire Round! 
[35:05 – 41:40] Closing Segment 
  • Connect with Burak. Links below
  • Final words
Tweetable Quotes:

“Just make sure you’re planning [everything on time].” – Burak Yolga

“The more you repeat, the better it gets.” – Burak Yolga

“Never be shy about asking, especially if you’re a beginner.” – Burak Yolga

Resources Mentioned:

Email burakyolga@forcemac.com or sales@forceget.com to connect with Burak or follow him on LinkedIn. Visit Forceget and experience a fast, cost-efficient, and reliable logistics service!


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