79: Intersection of PPC & Profitability (PART 2)

Episode 79

We continue our discussion about pay-per-click (PPC) and profitability. This time, we discuss further the different ways to control your Total Advertising Cost of Sale (TACoS), as well as some practical tips to boost your sales, conversion rate, and ecommerce store traffic, among other important topics.

By the way, do you know that Amazon owes you money? We break down how you’ll get paid. David also shares why you should charge your PPC spent on a credit card. 

Let’s continue our discussion on the intersection of PPC and profitability! 

[00:01 – 04:44] Opening Segment

  • What is a good goal for TACoS?
  • Control your TACoS with these levers 
    • Organic sales
    • PPC efficiency 

[04:45 – 12:27] How to Boost Your Sales Efficiently

  • Boosting your sales
    • Ken’s favorite strategy that not a lot of people focus on 
    • Drive organic traffic to Amazon 
  • The ideal conversion rate according to Ken
    • How to compute it the right way 
    • How conversion rates impact organic rates and PPC sales 
  • Increase your conversion rate with these tips from Ken

[12:28 – 19:48] Boosting Your Organic Traffic 

  • What you should realize about test pricing 
  • How to choose the right keyword to test 
  • FREE download on TACoS & Profitability
    • Link below
  • Here’s an easy way to increase your average order value 

[19:49 – 27:01] David’s PPC Experience 

  • The percent ACos that can generate a profit 
  • Want some Amazon refunds? Check out Getida
    • Promo code: FTM400
  • David talks about the challenges of Amazon inventory restrictions 
  • Should you outsource PPC?
    • David shares his experience  

[27:02 – 34:27] The Myth to be Busted About Top-Line Revenue

  • Why you should focus on the profitability of your business 
  • Do not focus on the top-line revenue and here’s why 
  • How this simple “change of payment method” can get you 3% off

[34:28 – 36:57] Closing Segment 

  • The top 3 items David and I recommend to you
  • Connect with us. Links below
  • Final words


Tweetable Quotes:

“Your business is an asset and it should be managed as an asset.” – Ken Wilson

“We’ve got a lot of products that are selling well but due to current inventory restrictions, we cannot replenish that inventory. And so, we're slowing down PPC spent, [slowing] down sales, yes, but it’s just gonna make inventory management easier.” – David Schomer

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