82: Pay Per Click State of the Union with PPC Expert Liran Hirshkorn

Episode 82

Liran Hirschkorn has been marketing online for 12 years. After growing and selling an Internet life insurance agency in 2014, Liran decided to get involved in e-commerce and selling on Amazon and has since sold millions of dollars on Amazon. 

Liran is widely followed as a thought leader and speaker on marketing and selling on Amazon. He lives in Long Island, New York with his wife and daughter. Liran is also a big believer that success in life is not just in business, but in all areas and is grateful for the opportunity to make an impact in this world.

Listen to Liran now and learn the state of the union of the pay-per-click space! 

[00:01 – 04:10] Opening Segment
  • Let’s get to know Liran Hirschkorn
  • Internet marketing and financial services 

[04:11 – 09:27] Leaving a Stable Job

  • Are you afraid to quit your day job?
  • Liran talks about the Regret Minimization Framework 
  • Don’t miss his message for his younger self
[09:28 – 13:47] Sellers’ Love-Hate Relationship With Ads  
  • Why you should play the long game in ecommerce 
  • Is there still opportunity in the ecommerce industry?
  • What’s happening in the Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) space? 
[13:48 – 25:38] Tips for New Sellers 
  • Smart sellers handle increasing cost-per-click by doing this 
  • Want some Amazon refunds? Check out Getida
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  • Liran offers a couple of tips for new sellers
[25:39 – 36:23] Understanding PPC  
  • Liran talks about Incrementum Digital’s services
  • Should you outsource or keep PPC in-house? 
  • Know more about Liran in the Fire Round! 
[36:24 – 38:32] Closing Segment 
  • Connect with Liran. Links below
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:
“Failures will have lessons in them.” – Liran Hirshkorn

“There’s a massive opportunity in ecommerce and you want to learn and take action at the same time.” – Liran Hirshkorn

Resources mentioned:

Connect with Liran by emailing liran@incrementumdigital.com or following him on LinkedIn and Instagram. Grow your Amazon sales with Incrementum Digital!

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