DAVID FIRED THE MAN! – Goal Setting, Planning, and Execution of His Freedom Plan

Episode 60

It’s official. David has fired the man. In this episode, David will talk about his rollercoaster journey in the last four years and the satisfaction that comes with arriving at the destination. This is a must-listen for those still in the “grind stage” and those who have not started their journeys yet.

This is coming from two normal guys who just wanted to support ourselves and our families. We were also uncomfortable at first, probably just like you are right now. But we never gave up. We trusted the process, and now we’re here.

Let’s listen to David and learn how he fired the man!

[00:01 – 02:22] Opening Segment

  • We introduce our topic for today
  • David has officially fired the man!

[02:23 – 08:10] A Memorable 20,000+ Hours

  • What happened after David deleted his Outlook app
  • David’s thoughts on leaving the public accounting space
  • What excites David about going full-time in e-commerce?

[08:11 – 16:44] Living With The Discomfort

  • David tells us the importance of learning in his previous full-time job
  • The biggest amount of compensation that David has received
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  • David’s main takeaways on his journey in firing the man

[16:45- 21:11] “The Juice is Worth The Squeeze”

  • We exchange insights about this “magical connection”
  • We talk about this life-changing call we had
  • Our advice for people in the “grind stage”

[21:12 – 23:11] Closing Segment

  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“We talk about ‘firing the man.’ If that’s your ultimate goal, consider changing who you work for if you feel you’re at a dead end job or you’re not learning anything.” – David Schomer

“Those of you in the grind stage, keep grinding. The juice is worth the squeeze. It is such a good feeling.” – David Schomer

“This is possible: to get your freedom, to take your freedom back and support yourself and your family…” – David Schomer

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