Case Study on How We Self Manufacture FBA Products in the USA

Episode 116

Why should you consider self-manufacturing your products?

In this episode, we will answer that question and discuss why we decided to source products here in the United States. The expectation from e-commerce gurus is that they will tell you to go to Alibaba and source your products from China. However, we discovered in our case study that sourcing in the United States has its own advantages too, some of which are even better than sourcing overseas.

We also talk about the benefits of self-manufacturing. We found out a few interesting positive impacts that both new and experienced e-commerce owners should consider. Unlike other people who only promise the “good,” we want to be honest with our Firing the Man Nation. That is why we will discuss the downsides of self-manufacturing too.

[00:01 – 07:27] Opening Segment

  • We give you a sneak peek into our topic for today
  • The advantages of sourcing products from the US
    • The 3 words you can stamp on products to raise conversion rates

[07:28 – 13:55] Making the Business Profitable

  • What e-commerce business owners should know about tariffs
  • This is the number that we really care about

[13:56 – 26:20] Our Journey to Self-Manufacturing

  • Why we decide to self manufacture FBA products
  • We share our process in choosing the product to self manufacture
  • The 2 types of people when it comes to self-manufacturing

[26:21 – 36:35] Impacts of Self-Manufacturing

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  • We talk about the impacts of self-manufacturing on our business so far
    • How to capitalize on the Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) method
  • How we generated additional profit margins from our businesses

[36:36 – 50:48] The Pros and Cons of Self-Manufacturing

  • The downsides of self-manufacturing that we have experienced
  • How satisfying it is to manufacture your own products
  • If you want to self manufacture too, these are the things to consider

[50:49 – 53:22] Closing Segment 

  • We share our key takeaways from our current experience on self-manufacturing
  • Connect with us!
    • Links below
  • Final words


Tweetable Quotes:

“If you’re self-manufacturing, quality control is on your lap. That’s well within your control.” –  Ken Wilson

“The ability to make something is incredibly satisfying and it creates value.” –  David Schomer

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