Best Shopify Apps and Ecommerce KPIs with Shopify Expert Chase Clymer

Episode 99

Chase Clymer is the Co-founder at Electric Eye, where he and his team create Shopify-powered sales machines from strategic design, development, and marketing decisions. He is also the host of Honest Ecommerce, a weekly podcast where they provide online store owners with honest, actionable advice to increase their sales and grow their business.

Tune in now and learn from Chase the best Shopify apps and ecommerce KPIs!

[00:01 – 05:46] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Chase Clymer
  • Chase’s journey from punk rock bands to ecommerce

[05:47 – 15:15] The Hardest Part of Ecommerce

  • Why he started the podcast, Honest Ecommerce
  • The hardest part of ecommerce according to Chase
  • The challenge posed by the latest iOS update

[15:16 – 23:56] How to Boost Website Traffic

  • Here are pro tips from Chase to drive traffic to your website
  • Chase shares some interesting thoughts about influencer marketing
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[23:57 – 33:46] Content Creation is Key

  • The power of investing in brand building
  • Chase talks about tactical strategies you can apply now
  • He  breaks down the Brand Scaling Framework
    • The KPIs you should prioritize

[33:47 – 45:35] Why Niche Down 

  • The Shopify updates you can leverage for your business
  • Why installing many apps into your store is not advisable
  • How to transition from freelancer to founder
    • Why you should niche down

[45:36 – 49:52] Closing Segment 

  • Know more about Chase in the Fire Round!
  • Connect with Chase
    • Links below
  • Final words


Tweetable Quotes:

“The hardest part, and this is something that no agency, consultancy, magician, nobody can help you with, is finding product-market fit. That is a founder’s job.” – Chase Clymer

“Failure is inevitable and you’re going to fail when you get started. Just move past it” – Chase Clymer

Resources mentioned

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