Our Favorite Product Packaging Vendor: An Interview with Expert Tom Meyer from Schillington Box

If you take your product packaging for granted, you might be surprised how this affects consumers’ purchase decisions and how much money you are leaving on the table.

In this episode, Tom Meyer shares how product packaging could boost your brand awareness, and the timeline and stages of packaging you need to consider.

Tom is an Accounting Manager of Shillington Box Company LLC, a manufacturer of corrugated packaging products located in Saint Louis, Missouri, United States. He focuses on helping customers find low-cost packaging solutions that are reliable, sturdy, and environmentally friendly. He is passionate about finding the common link between buyer and seller and is known for delivering an excellent client experience.

[00:01 – 08:01] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Tom Meyer
  • Why does Tom always go the extra mile for his clients

[08:02 – 12:35] All About Product Packaging

  •  The different types of packaging and what’s suitable for your product
  • Tom’s focus: Corrugated Packaging
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  • The ideal color combinations for corrugated packaging
  • Why is packaging important?

[12:36 – 26:31] Relationship Between Product Packaging and Consumer Buying Behavior

  • At what stage should you start planning product packaging?
  • The importance and benefits of package testing
  • Tom shares stories of how packaging impacted his clients’ business

[33:34 – 37:51] Closing Segment

  • Need help with your packaging? Visit shillingtonbox.com
  • Connect with Tom on the links below
  • The Fire Round



“Packaging is so important. Because if you have a good idea, you must have the packaging to go along with it. The packaging can identify your product, it can have a lot of necessary information on there. And it can build a brand image for somebody looking for that item down the road.” – Tom Meyer


“Test to make sure that your product gets to the consumer.” – Tom Meyer


“Most importantly, where I see people fail out. Number one is that you can have a great idea. But if you don’t sell it, it will never be anything more than a good idea.” – Tom Meyer



Connect with Tom Meyer at shillingtonbox.com or email him at tmeyer@shillingtonbox.com

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